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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Cheryn on 6/19/05
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    On 5/17/05, Clock wrote:
    > I was in a Petco store yesterday and they had a Female
    > Senegal. The bird immediatly came over to have its head
    > scratched and not only by me it there were other people in
    > the store and with me who were able to pet her. She was
    > incredibly sweet, I think she was the employees favorite
    > because they all kept coming over and handling her. They
    > said she was three years old and was bought and returned
    > the same day. I was amazed how friendly she was,
    > considering what I have read about them being one person
    > birds. She seemed to like everyone. This was the first time
    > I had seen a Senegal besides pictures. So I must say it
    > made a very good impression on me.