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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Cheryn on 6/19/05
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    >Responding to the PetCo Senegal...I have one that I bought
    from them about 5 years ago..Same seniero with the bird being
    hand raised and so loving. Always came up to me and was so
    loving..The staff at the petco played with him alot.. I Bought
    him on an impulse. Here is the best part. He has been such an
    asset to our family and there is never a day that goes by that
    I regret that purchase! He is such a part of our family and is
    such a clown. I was lucky that day when I went in for the
    umpteen time to buy dog food and decided to take "Bettle Juice"
    home...Mind you we did not name him the staff at Petco
    did. Hope you enjoy, if you venture, your senegal as much as I
    enjoy my guy!

    >> I was in a Petco store yesterday and they had a Female
    >> Senegal. The bird immediatly came over to have its head
    >> scratched and not only by me it there were other people in
    >> the store and with me who were able to pet her. She was
    >> incredibly sweet, I think she was the employees favorite
    >> because they all kept coming over and handling her. They
    >> said she was three years old and was bought and returned
    >> the same day. I was amazed how friendly she was,
    >> considering what I have read about them being one person
    >> birds. She seemed to like everyone. This was the first time
    >> I had seen a Senegal besides pictures. So I must say it
    >> made a very good impression on me.