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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Cheryn on 6/19/05
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    This Makes me mad too as my Petco is and has always been for our pets..I live in
    San Diego and many people think this might make ours better? Petco park? I shop
    at the first one ever opened. Have bought pets, supplies, services there and
    have never been disapointed. My Senegal that is from there is so much a part of
    our lives that if this store was not there we would not have him. Can I count
    the endless rats that I bought my kids there that lived the life expectincy
    instead of dying the next year. aaagggggg I hate having to defend a company that
    is good. Maybe bad managers and staff...But what the hay, I have Beetle Juice the
    parrot that I bought at Petco and lots of dog food stored up for out earthquakes
    here in Cal.
    > On 5/25/05, Debby wrote:
    >> I have to stand up and defend my local Petco as well. Every time I go in
    >> there, all the animals down to the mice, have clean cages. The bird room is
    >> off on its own, the cages are always clean, and they have a variety of food
    > to
    >> eat. They are happy and healthy. The parakeets have a huge octogen aviary
    > with
    >> a wooden tree in the center, toys, lots of seed dishes, millet. Sorry but I
    >> cannot find a fault with petco at all. Im in Eastern Pennsylvania.
    >> Alex sounds like a woman to me the way he/she writes. Id bet on it. Any
    >> betters out there...
    >> Don't know how he can lump all breeders into one catagory, truly he/she has
    > no
    >> open mind what so ever with this subject. Its like talking to the wall. Not
    >> only that, he/she does not come accross as a nice person. Try all he/she
    > wants
    >> to stop breeding of birds, we all know that won't happen. Not in our lifetime
    >> anyway. Let him/her ramble all they want.
    >> Debby
    >>> Well that explains alot. Can't say I'm at all surprised.
    >>> /
    >>> /
    >>> On 5/24/05, wrote:
    >>>> God bless u which ever liked their PETCO....i am coming out and saying
    >>>> that i am a manager for a local PETCO.......
    > ******I'm near Pittsburgh, Pa and I have no complaints about our Petco stores
    > here. The young employees are great, know what they're talking about & really
    > seem to like their jobs. The cages of ALL of the animals are clean, birds
    > (always look good) have their own room, the reptiles were all healthy &
    > properly cared for. I always stop on my way home from work to pick up pet food
    > for my zoo. I questioned one "kid" about their pet rats, (my son has Dumbos).
    > He was upset because a man was just trying to buy some pet rats to feed to his
    > boa & even the manager wouldn't sell to him (: (: The stores are so clean &
    > roomy. You won't see birds packed into tiny cages pecking each other to death.
    > I really like the set ups they have for all of their animals & their well
    > informed employees. Nice to see. No complaints here. Sarah