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Re: Petco....

Posted by jill on 6/19/05
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    Ok not this thread again................Petco does not carry LARGE BIRDS.
    We also have a plannogram limiting the number of birds allowed in each
    habitat. Food is changed several times daily and water. TEENYBOPPERS???
    please people...some of the staff at my store could give most people who
    post here a run for their money on bird care or any pet care for that
    matter. My bird specialist worked at a top ten zoo and holds a ba in
    biology. My fish specialist holds an BA in Psyche and has been in the
    marine trade for 8 yrs. My small animal cas is a founding member of the
    local ferret shelter and serves as VP of their board. I over see them...I
    have been keeping birds for over 20 yrs....10 of that involves raptor
    rehab....25 in fish and reptile...not to mention the house of pets I have
    and they have dumped off at by IDIOTS who abandon them in sub zero weather
    outside the door of the store. Sure I get some young inexperienced workers
    at times but where better to LEARN????? God am I glad no one felt that way
    about me when I was their age. Also just because someone is young does not
    mean they lack knowledge. I would rather have a young kid eager to learn
    than some older experienced person who is CONVINCED they are god's gift to
    animal care. Point being....its a LEARNING experience for all involved...I
    learn new things all the time and I always care is an ever
    evolving art. Wanna help??? Pressure them to stop getting in unweaned
    birds....they don't sell them but I don't like them being in the store at
    all unweaned.

    On 6/18/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > umm.. might i add something... I have seen a few years back that petco
    > was "okay" in my area, and then they started to house too many finches in
    > this small small flight and it was horrible, bought two egg bound zebra
    > hens and a pied society finch male who looked as though he was egg bound
    > but was not and his vent/cloaca area was very swollen, and well i dislike
    > petco since, plus when they house the black-masked lovies together they
    > would "squable" in a vicous manner, even a littl egirl i remember from two
    > years ago asked this guy at the cashier an let me point out this little 7-
    > 8 year old was very intelligent and asked why they were fighting, and the
    > guy said " No, they are playing" and i was so upset, birds do not pluck
    > othe rbirds and scream and push the birds off the perches... this is not
    > playing... Well since then there was SO many complaints of abuse that the
    > petco store had to remodel their bird section which they did quite
    > finelly. And well now the finches and parrot and everything are housed
    > with their own species... haven't seen lovebirds their since a couple year
    > back... but they have improved with keeping things clean and all... but
    > they over crowd the cages and they never keep feeding dishes filled with
    > seed only husks... and well they let the zebra build nest in their food
    > cups, and i have two petco near me... One in Lynnwood and one in south
    > Everett, and well i can say they do look good/better than before.. i
    > haven't notice any eggbound or sick bird except the server plucked... and
    > smaller cages for the large parrots...
    > ~Kitty