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Re: I know I speak English.

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/24/05
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    On 6/23/05, jill wrote:
    > Ok so why are you replying to a thread acting all affended not aimed at
    > you??? was directed to kittyJ and not a robinP......ahh i replied to the
    > other person unless you post under both now.

    And also i am 15 and i have notcied very very rude teenagers that just graduated
    from high school work at petsotres and they treat them like animals are second in
    line... and they do not treat them with loving care, my mom and I both agree that
    they should hire people with knowledge of animals and love of them, and actually
    do tests and such before hiring, sorry if this got misunderstood, but i dislike it
    when a teenager of no knowledge of animals works at petstores, they argue with
    people who have great knowledge -sigh-
    and yes if they're willing to learn then maybe, but i think they should have love
    and care and have knowledge with the specific types of animals they are to work