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Re: Petco

Posted by Cyn on 7/14/05
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    I have worked at pet stores for over 7 years, and Petco has shown that they go above and
    beyond any other store, even some pet owners, to send EVERY sick animal to a LICENSED
    veterinarian for the appropriate care that is required...whether it is something as
    simple as an eye infection plaguing an anole, or an animal that is dropped off at the
    store by a customer. Animals come first is a policy that my store takes into great
    consideration, making sure that no animal is left untreated or improperly cared for. So
    before you make your generalizations, I would recommend that you consider that there are
    people that love animals that work at these places that want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE...and
    the only way to do it in my eyes is to be right there on the playing field, not yelling
    out obscenities against the team you don't like. Such is the American way to complain
    and not put forth effort. Overgeneralizing that because some people are not as dedicated
    to the cause is no reason to make the accusation that the company does not care. We do
    and we are making a difference.