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Post: Petco...gotta say I'm flustered today....

Posted by jilly... on 5/28/05

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    Gotta say we had an inspection (have two a month) from
    our district offices and I got into it with the district
    guy....he says no unapproved objects in the cages.....we
    give boxes and fresh sweet corn on the cobb...shredded
    paper and the like for all the birds (even the keets).
    The birds just love this....they have their toys too...but
    they like the stuff they can shred and tear
    best....supposedly they are not "PLANAGRAMMED"

    My bird CAS is top notch...has degree in biology and
    worked st the ZOO (top 10 in country) with the birds.
    Most of the erichment is her doing.....much to her credit.
    She has neat ideas...foraging toys.....

    Well to make this shorter we had to convince him we were
    right cause he has top vets at PETCO head these people they hire
    in upper management actually ahhhhhhh have pets???
    Makes you wonder really! So now we have signs hung that
    read ".....its not a mess its enrichment" ....hahahhah

    Guess this round goes to the birds!!!!!!:> and that is a

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