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Re: Senegal vs. Hans Macaw

Posted by amanda on 10/05/08
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    On 6/03/05, Jarrett wrote:
    > I know these two speices are completly different, but I
    > still wanted to ask a few quetions if anyone is able to
    > answer them. Of the two birds I know the Senegal is the
    > quieter, but which talks better, and is the Hans very very
    > loud? Does the Hans Macaw also bond strongly to one person
    > like the Senegal does. Also does anyone know which of the
    > two is more affecionate?
    > I have been researching both species the problem is I have
    > found a 100 times more info on the Senegal, and just a
    > little bit on the Hans/Noble Macaw's. From what I have read
    > they have similar playful personalities, but I am still
    > trying to get the above questions answered before I make my
    > decision. I appreciate any help you guys can give me thanks.

    ----- The hans is the better talker, in my opinion. and both
    can be equally as affectionate and a wonderful family pet if
    raised correctly from a hatchling. If i had to choose, it
    would be the Hans, just make sure you get it from a good
    breeder, and at a very young age and let everyone in your
    house help with the care and responsibilities. You wont be
    disapointed. By the way, they arent THAT loud if its an
    individual bird. Good luck!