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Re: Senegal vs. Hans Macaw

Posted by nathan on 12/22/06
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    On 6/03/05, Jarrett wrote:
    > I know these two speices are completly different, but I
    > still wanted to ask a few quetions if anyone is able to
    > answer them. Of the two birds I know the Senegal is the
    > quieter, but which talks better, and is the Hans very very
    > loud? Does the Hans Macaw also bond strongly to one person
    > like the Senegal does. Also does anyone know which of the
    > two is more affecionate?
    > I have been researching both species the problem is I have
    > found a 100 times more info on the Senegal, and just a
    > little bit on the Hans/Noble Macaw's. From what I have read
    > they have similar playful personalities, but I am still
    > trying to get the above questions answered before I make my
    > decision. I appreciate any help you guys can give me thanks.

    I have a Han's Macaw. Yes he can be loud but he is a great
    talker. If you show it love and attention they are playful.
    Our's will swing on one finger in his cage and he will mimic a
    human laugh anytime someone else laughs.