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Re: Senegal vs. Hans Macaw

Posted by Cheryl on 6/06/05
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    On 6/03/05, Jarrett wrote:
    > I know these two speices are completly different, but I
    > still wanted to ask a few quetions if anyone is able to
    > answer them. Of the two birds I know the Senegal is the
    > quieter, but which talks better, and is the Hans very very
    > loud? Does the Hans Macaw also bond strongly to one person
    > like the Senegal does. Also does anyone know which of the
    > two is more affecionate?

    You are asking very general questions, and I would have to
    say that there are no actual answers to them, since it all
    depends on how the bird's individual personality, and how
    they are raised.

    With that said, any bird can be a very affectionate love bug,
    who totally enjoys and seeks out cuddling and hands on
    attention. many remain that way all their lives. Some don't
    like it as much once they reach maturity, some never like
    it...It all depends. Both types you mention need lots of
    socialization and hands on attention. Again, much depends on
    the bird's personality, because even a bird that has been
    handled by lots of people from early on will oftentimes
    *choose* a favorite person to the exclusion of others, and
    there isn't much you can do about that. Both birds have very
    engaging and outgoing personalities. As far as the which
    bird *talks* better, that is general too. Birds that are
    talked to like they are a person, and who spend lots of time
    with their owners *tend* to be better talkers, but you cannot
    choose a bird based on which is supposedly a better talking
    bird, because you never know. You can find a Cockatiel with
    a huge vocabulary and see African Greys who never utter even
    1 word. If your requirement for a bird is to have one that
    definately talks, you'll need to buy one that already does.
    As far as noise level, any bird in the Macaw family, be it a
    full size or a mini, they all loud voices...Obviously, the
    mini's aren;t AS loud as the fullsize ones, but still can be
    heard 4 houses down the street...LOL
    Good luck.