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Re: Senegal vs. Hans Macaw

Posted by Jarrett on 6/06/05
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    On 6/06/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 6/03/05, Jarrett wrote:
    >> I know these two speices are completly different, but I
    >> still wanted to ask a few quetions if anyone is able to
    >> answer them. Of the two birds I know the Senegal is the
    >> quieter, but which talks better, and is the Hans very very
    >> loud? Does the Hans Macaw also bond strongly to one person
    >> like the Senegal does. Also does anyone know which of the
    >> two is more affecionate?
    > You are asking very general questions, and I would have to
    > say that there are no actual answers to them, since it all
    > depends on how the bird's individual personality, and how
    > they are raised.
    > With that said, any bird can be a very affectionate love bug,
    > who totally enjoys and seeks out cuddling and hands on
    > attention. many remain that way all their lives. Some don't
    > like it as much once they reach maturity, some never like
    > it...It all depends. Both types you mention need lots of
    > socialization and hands on attention. Again, much depends on
    > the bird's personality, because even a bird that has been
    > handled by lots of people from early on will oftentimes
    > *choose* a favorite person to the exclusion of others, and
    > there isn't much you can do about that. Both birds have very
    > engaging and outgoing personalities. As far as the which
    > bird *talks* better, that is general too. Birds that are
    > talked to like they are a person, and who spend lots of time
    > with their owners *tend* to be better talkers, but you cannot
    > choose a bird based on which is supposedly a better talking
    > bird, because you never know. You can find a Cockatiel with
    > a huge vocabulary and see African Greys who never utter even
    > 1 word. If your requirement for a bird is to have one that
    > definately talks, you'll need to buy one that already does.
    > As far as noise level, any bird in the Macaw family, be it a
    > full size or a mini, they all loud voices...Obviously, the
    > mini's aren;t AS loud as the fullsize ones, but still can be
    > heard 4 houses down the street...LOL
    > Good luck.


    Thanks for your response