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Re: new baby senegal

Posted by Michael L on 6/06/05
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    On 6/06/05, Shawna wrote:
    > Hi-- I just got a senegal last week after years of being
    > tempted by the "big birds." I had parakeets all my life,
    > but always wanted a real parrot. When I actually had to
    > make the choice at the bird store, I picked the senegal
    > because he/she was calmer and sweeter and quieter than the
    > others I'd thought about. He's 11 weeks old now, and I'm
    > wondering what to expect. He seems pretty bonded to me,
    > wanting to cuddle under my chin and making cooing noises.
    > He also wants to put his head in my mouth (!), which I
    > assume is baby bird stuff since that would be how his mom
    > would have fed him. I also assume I shouldn't let him do
    > it, right? (he hasn't bitten or tried to bite anyone
    > yet).My main concern is that my husband is away for the
    > next five months and we are at the moment a family of three
    > females. What can I do to help make sure that my husband
    > doesn't lose an earlobe when he returns? Sorry for being
    > such a bird newbie, but I really do love him and want him
    > to have a good life with us, and us with him. Shawna

    Congratulations on your new addition.
    Try to expose the bird to as many new people that you can in
    order to socialize him and keep him comfortable with
    As far as your husband being away, there really isn't
    anything you can do about that. When he returns, hopefully
    the bird will accept him, although it may take some time.
    And no, you shouldn't let him put his beak/head into your
    mouth. Teaching him 'kisses' is one thing, actually touching
    tongues is a way for your bird to contract illness.
    Good luck with your new 'big bird!'

    Michael L