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Re: accomodations for RB

Posted by Cheryl on 6/15/05
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    On 6/15/05, Kelsey wrote:
    > I know this is such a silly question, but I want to make
    > sure I have everything right before I bring my baby home :)
    > I have a cage that my TAG used to call's (i
    > believe) 30x24 with 3/4 inch spacing...I know the cage
    > should be as big as I can afford and have room for....but is
    > the spacing too big?
    > Also, I'm looking to get a playstand...and I really like the
    > Parrot Towers...but the perches are either 1/2 inch or 3/4-1
    > inch...which would be better? I don't want to get them too
    > small nor too big.
    > Thanks for your help!
    > ~Kelsey

    Hi Kelsey.

    No question is dumb, and kudos to you for doind these things
    before the bird comes home...)

    The measurements you give are perfect for a Red Belly, and
    the 3/4 inch spacing is perfect! I have my Red Belly in a
    King's #207.
    Many times during the day and evening she is playing on her
    playstand in the family room. It is one of the ones that has
    natural branches, therefore it has varying thickness for foot
    If you prefer a PVC one, I'd probably choose the larger
    My Red Belly is a total sweetheart. She is 14 months old and
    is the best bird ever...)
    Please visit often and keep us posted on your new baby's
    progress and antics!
    Good luck,