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Re: accomodations for RB

Posted by Kelsey on 6/16/05
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    I just talked to the breeder I am working with, and she said
    she definetly has 2 babies and one fertile egg :o)
    I am SO excited! I'm not sure if I am going to try my hand at
    handfeeding (once the baby gets down to one or two feedings a
    day) or not, I'm kinda nervous to try it...also, I work at
    least 40 - 45 hours a week...would the baby be too young to be
    alone for that much of the day?
    I'm trying to do something about the job thing (I want to work
    at home ideally)

    I feel like I'm pregnant and getting last minute jitters about
    being a good parent and whatnot...kinda weird lol. I didn't
    feel like this when I got my TAG...I'm sure everything will be
    fine though :o)
    I've been trying to think of names too, and started looking at
    African names...Chiku (means Chatterer) keeps coming up...not
    sure if I like it or not though lol.

    Thanks for all of your help!