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Re: accomodations for RB

Posted by Cheryl on 6/16/05
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    On 6/16/05, Kelsey wrote:
    > I just talked to the breeder I am working with, and she said
    > she definetly has 2 babies and one fertile egg :o)
    > I am SO excited! I'm not sure if I am going to try my hand at
    > handfeeding (once the baby gets down to one or two feedings a
    > day) or not, I'm kinda nervous to try it...also, I work at
    > least 40 - 45 hours a week...would the baby be too young to be
    > alone for that much of the day?
    > I'm trying to do something about the job thing (I want to work
    > at home ideally)

    One of your statements made me cringe, honestly. If a breeder
    is willing to sell you the baby unweaned, I'd find another
    breeder. If you are not VERY experienced with handfeeding, do
    NOT do it.

    Do you live alone? If it is just you, and you are gone for 45
    hours a week, I'd recommend waiting until your work situation
    changes. There are some who would probably disagree with
    me...If you are set on getting a baby now, then leave a soft
    music station on at lowish volume during the day, or a TV on an
    animated station, on softly for company, but PLEASE, do not buy
    an unweaned bird!!!