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Re: accomodations for RB

Posted by kelsey on 6/16/05
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    > One of your statements made me cringe, honestly. If a breeder
    > is willing to sell you the baby unweaned, I'd find another
    > breeder. If you are not VERY experienced with handfeeding, do
    > NOT do it.

    When I talked to the breeder she said it was up to me only if she
    felt that I would be able to hand feed (after she showed me how
    and watched me do it). I wouldn't bring the baby home until it was
    on one to two feedings a day if I was going to
    really was just an option if I felt comfy enough with it...still
    not sure what I'm gonna do.

    > Do you live alone? If it is just you, and you are gone for 45
    > hours a week, I'd recommend waiting until your work situation
    > changes. There are some who would probably disagree with
    > me...If you are set on getting a baby now, then leave a soft
    > music station on at lowish volume during the day, or a TV on an
    > animated station, on softly for company, but PLEASE, do not buy
    > an unweaned bird!!!

    I live with my boyfriend and a room mate...but we all work during
    the day, but other than work, I'm almost always home. I talked to
    my mom about my reservations about bringing the baby home (even if
    it was fully weaned by the breeder) and being gone during the day.
    ..and she said she would be more than willing to kinda bird sit
    during the day (she lives about 10 minutes from me) until I felt
    he/she was old enough to be home alone. I'm not sure if I would
    want to do that or not...but I suppose it's always an option.

    Also, no, I do not have my grey anymore...a few months ago, a door
    was left open, she got startled and flew right out the door...(I
    didn't know she could fly as she never tried to at my house, and
    if she did, she just fell gracefully to the ground) and after
    weeks of searching, putting ads in all the papers, leaving flyers
    in mailboxes, etc...I have accepted the fact that she probably
    won't ever be home again. :( I had decided that I wasn't going to
    adopt another parrot because of how bad it hurt when she was gone.
    ..but my house felt so I changed my mind and decided
    that I needed and wanted the happiness that my TAG brought me...I
    know she can't ever be replaced...but after her, I couldn't really
    imagine my life without a parrot in the house.