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Re: accomodations for RB

Posted by Cheryl on 6/16/05
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    > When I talked to the breeder she said it was up to me only if she
    > felt that I would be able to hand feed (after she showed me how
    > and watched me do it).

    It doesn't matter if she watches and you are able to do it or
    not...Many things could go wrong, and you would have no idea what
    to do. What is the bird started aspirating? What if the formula
    is too hot and the bird gets crop burn? These are just two
    Again, I say, if a breeder is willing to sell an unweaned baby to a
    novice, I'd be weary.
    As far as your Grey flying out your door, I am sorry for your
    loss. Please, with multiple people living in the house, make sure
    that everyone follows safety precautions where the bird is
    concerned, and check the birds wings at least once a week for any
    feather trimming that may need to be done.