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Re: So now what?

Posted by Michael L on 6/15/05
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    On 6/15/05, Shawna wrote:
    > Thanks, Michael for your quick response about my new baby
    > Senegal. He's all settled in now, and apparently, judging
    > by his yelling, getting bored with the accomodations. I've
    > got two toys in his cage, and I let him out of it at least
    > three times a day for cuddling and looking out of windows,
    > etc. My vet, who is an avian specialist, said I should play
    > with him on the floor with little balls and things, but he
    > shows no interest in that--in fact he seems afraid of it,
    > and instantly wants to step up and cuddle under my chin or
    > try to climb up on my shoulder. Oh, and try to stick his
    > head in my mouth. These interests of his do not intersect
    > with mine! I can't do much with a bird on my hand under my
    > chin, and I've been told not to let him on my shoulder. So
    > what should I do with him all day? I want him to be happy
    > and sociable, but I don't want to spend the day with a bird
    > attached to me! Thanks, Shawna

    He's about 12 weeks old? That's such a baby in age. He
    isn't anywhere near being an adult and knowing what to do
    with himself.
    I'm sure he's not as much bored as he is lonely. Again I
    defer back to his age. He's learning what life's about.
    You need not pick him up every time he vocalizes but you
    could reassure him with the sound of your voice. You can
    build confidence in a bird that way.
    I feel badly that you say his interests do not intersect with
    yours. Unfortunately, at again this young age, he crawls up
    to your face for reassurance and comfort. This will pass and
    will help him to become a more well rounded bird.
    Is there anyone else in the family that has an interest in
    this little one?
    I'm not one to give advice on shoulder riding as that is
    personal decision and I have many birds that do that in my
    home. Not telling you yes or no, but not all birds become
    demon spawn just because they are allowed to do that. If it
    would lead to potential behavioral issues you could nip it in
    the bud, so to speak.
    I realize this is your first larger bird but you don't
    realize how lucky you are that your bird wants to be with you
    and shows affection. Many, at this age don't receive enought
    hands-on and they learn to shun physical contact.
    Wish I could help you more, but accepting this as normal
    behavior for your bird, even though it's temporary, will help
    him adjust.

    Michael L