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Re: re: So now what?

Posted by Michael L on 6/16/05
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    On 6/16/05, Shawna wrote:
    > Hi Michael-- I didn't mean to imply that I don't want to
    > play or cuddle with Jasper, only that the things he wants
    > to do are the things I was specifically told not to do, ie,
    > responding to him when he's noisy and letting him on my
    > shoulder. I'm happy to walk around with a bird on my
    > shoulder (as long as he's not biting my ear) as my
    > parakeets used to do that all the time. Thanks for letting
    > me know that he's lonely, not bored--I'm writing this with
    > him on my shoulder right now!
    > I think I may need to learn more about bird behaviors, as
    > I'm spending a lot of time trying to figure out what he
    > means or wants when he does certain things. Is there a book
    > or a reference board I can check out? Thanks Shawna

    I know that you are loving this bird and wanting to do things
    right by him. If you didn't you wouldn't be here!
    It's a tough call when you get a new bird and you are
    bombarded with theories, opinions and facts from many people,
    books and the net.
    The very best of information will not serve you and your bird
    well if you do not feel that the concept can be practically
    applied to the rearing of your bird. That's why it's
    important that you gather as much informtion as you can and
    sift through it and see what makes sense to you.
    A good book about Senegals and other Poicephalus is "Guide To
    The Senegal Parrot And It's Family." It is written by Mattie
    Sue Althan and Dianalee Deter. It's a good book with basic
    information about your bird and has quite a bit of
    information on all the Africans. It would be a start for you.
    I use Albris as one of my on-line book buys that I've
    included the link above. I like buying used books as they
    are much more reasonablly priced, usually in wonderful
    condition and a fraction of the cost of new. I've already
    checked and they do have this book available.
    It's a book that I think would serve you well at this time
    with you and your family wanting to know more about the
    Senegal and it's behaviors. Good luck and can't wait for an

    Michael L

    Albris Used Books