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Post: Thanks so much

Posted by Shawna on 6/16/05

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    Thanks so much for all the helpful advice. As Michael
    pointed out earlier, I've been given so much conflicting
    advice, I wasn't sure what to do or not do. The vet said I
    shouldn't kiss him or stroke his back since this would lead
    to sexual confusion (which made me think he would mature
    faster than he apparently will). One person said to hold
    him only at eye level, and not let him go under my chin or
    on my shoulder,and since that was all he wanted to do, I
    turned to this chat board for advice. Please be sure that I
    absolutely adore this little baby and he's the sweetest
    bird I could ever imagine. Even though I know he must be
    nervous and scared with all the new things and people
    around him, he hasn't bitten me or anyone in the family, or
    even tried to.

    Should I get a play stand yet, or should I wait for him to
    grow up a little bit more? I let him hang out on the top of
    his cage and on the window ledge, and he seems to like it,
    but other than looking out the window there's not much for
    him to do up there. I've got toys hung in his cage, but so
    far he's ignored them--I guess when he gets a little older
    he'll figure out what they're for! Are there any particular
    kinds of toys to avoid or go for? Thanks!

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