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Re: meyer's parrot

Posted by Kristen on 6/22/05
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    I've had a little bit of experience meyers...I own a senegal
    and I think they are a lot alike. Stocky, personality packed
    parrots. Very sweet, independent parrots. The short
    experience I did have with a meyers was enjoyable. I think
    they might be a tad sweeter/loveable than senegals. The
    meyers I had passed away before I got to bring him home so I
    only knew him for a couple weeks. There are probably tons of
    people on this chatboard that have meyers so I'm sure you'll
    get lots of great information.
    Did you have any specific questions about them besided what
    you posted?
    You might want to let us know where you are located, there
    are a lot of breeders just about everywhere.
    Good Luck,

    On 6/21/05, fairlee wrote:
    > does anyone have experience with meyer's parrots as pets?
    > what are they like to live with?
    > do y'all know any breeders?

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