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Re: last year.......NOT this year

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/27/05
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    On 6/26/05, jill wrote:
    > Yup...sales of large birds ended in April...nothing larger
    > than conure size...likes caiques etc......Most will sell
    > out the stock they had in store prior to the new policy...

    oh. Are you sure this is with all petcos? And well i always
    see these signs on these small cages that say the name of a
    cockatoo or CAG and the price, but i usually never visit
    petco. Maybe it is just the ones in your area maybe because
    of state rules? I don't see conures at the one i go to, but
    like lesser sulfurs and Sulfurs and CAG and ofcourse spice
    finches, zebras, societies, baby cockatiels, young budgies (
    A whole lot of budgies too much for a cage), canaries. The
    one in Lynnwood by my near brothers girlfriends house had
    silverbills a couple times for $20.00 and i thought of
    buying them. They also had their cages turned around and the
    seed cups were nests for the zebra finches and this one pair
    were breeding in it and the other birds couldn't eat, i
    ofcourse told the manager but... they knew nothing about
    birds they said. sad...