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Re: last year.......NOT this year

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/27/05
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    On 6/27/05, jill wrote:
    > Yes I am sure it is all petco's nation is our
    > decision no one made it for us. As I said many stores still
    > had large birds in stock when the policy was passed .....hence
    > they will sell thru till they are gone.
    > On 6/27/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 6/26/05, jill wrote:
    >>> Yup...sales of large birds ended in April...nothing larger
    >>> than conure size...likes caiques etc......Most will sell
    >>> out the stock they had in store prior to the new policy...
    >> oh. Are you sure this is with all petcos? And well i always
    >> see these signs on these small cages that say the name of a
    >> cockatoo or CAG and the price, but i usually never visit
    >> petco. Maybe it is just the ones in your area maybe because
    >> of state rules? I don't see conures at the one i go to, but
    >> like lesser sulfurs and Sulfurs and CAG and ofcourse spice
    >> finches, zebras, societies, baby cockatiels, young budgies (
    >> A whole lot of budgies too much for a cage), canaries. The
    >> one in Lynnwood by my near brothers girlfriends house had
    >> silverbills a couple times for $20.00 and i thought of
    >> buying them. They also had their cages turned around and the
    >> seed cups were nests for the zebra finches and this one pair
    >> were breeding in it and the other birds couldn't eat, i
    >> ofcourse told the manager but... they knew nothing about
    >> birds they said. sad...

    oh.. okay. So would they consider a lesser sulfur a large or a
    medium? Because the petco down by the everett mall in washington
    will still take them that i see. Or maybe they keep on getting
    the same bird returned to them...?