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Re: Meyers and parakeets

Posted by Michael L on 7/15/05
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    On 7/15/05, Kristy wrote:
    > Does anyone know if a Meyers parrot will get along well
    > with Parakeets. Just to play not to live together! Thanks,
    > Kristy

    That's a loaded question! The answer is going to depend
    entirely on the two individual birds. All birds have
    personalities and 'opinions' when it comes to other birds.
    Poicephalus can have issues with other birds and considering
    the size difference alone between the two birds you are
    asking about, it might be a problem.
    Only you can supervise the interaction of these two birds and
    determine wheter or not it's a good match. And even then,
    things can change after what appears to be a successful

    Michael L