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Re: Identification methods

Posted by Robin P. on 1/22/05
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    On 1/21/05, patty wrote:
    > my quaker dosent have a band or any sort of id and i want
    > to do something incase he gets lost or something. what can
    > i do? and who would i talk to?
    > ~Patty~

    Well you can buy an open band,but most adult birds don't take
    very well to that,and it's too easy to remove.IN fact most
    times if your bird is "lost" a closed band will end up
    removed as well.Those guys down in Miami that had an aviary
    full of stolen birds had removed the bands,but the owner of
    several pairs of Amazons had her birds chipped,so she got
    them back.
    The best way to go is with a microchip.You'd talk to your
    avian vet about this.For about $40 they insert a microchip
    under the skin,it's not visible,easy as getting a shot,and
    theives can't remove it.Chipping is getting to be more and
    more common as well.