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Post: weird behavior what the heck is he doing????

Posted by patty on 1/25/05

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    ok my quaker alec is about 6 months now and recently(with
    in the last week or so) he has started doing this weird
    thing where he completly puffs up(to the point that ive
    never seen him this puffed up) and kind of holds his wings
    away from his body and just very gently walks around my
    hands and chest(im usually laying down our sitting) and he
    will gently climb on one area of my hands with one foot
    and then another with the other foot. and he makes this
    very soft hissing noise is what i would call it. i have
    thought that maybe he is displaying mating behavior or
    something but isnt he to young for this? dose anyone know
    what the heck is going on???? i can try to take a picture
    of it or a video if that would help. it dosent bother me i
    just want to know what it is and if hes getting over
    bonded to me. im just trying to be the best mommy i can be!

    thanks in advance for your help!

    i think the link will work above to see my cuite trying to
    take a bath

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