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Re: Looking for Quaker Baby

Posted by Michelle on 1/26/05
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    On 1/26/05, Tara wrote:
    > We are looking for a Quaker baby. Anyone know a good and
    > reputable breeder? We live in northern Indiana.

    Tara, I live in Cloverdale, Indiana. I have three babies
    right now that I am handfeeding. One is a green that is a
    possible split to blue, cinnamon or both. It may not be split
    for anything. There is no way to tell. I am asking $150 for
    it. It is five weeks old. I can finish handfeeding or if you
    are experienced, you can if you are interested. The other two
    are Cinnamon blue Females. I am asking $500 each for them. If
    you would like pictures, e-mail me and I can send you some.
    My e-mail is -Michelle