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Re: Can anyone suggest...

Posted by Missy on 1/28/05
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    On 1/27/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 1/27/05, Missy wrote:
    >> A good place to have my quaker dna sexed? Frankly just
    >> being lazy about the drive to the avian vet so was seeking
    >> a mail in type place. (It takes me over an hour to get to
    >> my vet.) Heh, I will however get off my lazy duff and make
    >> the drive to my vets office if need be. :D
    > I use can do either blood or
    > feathers,whichever you are more comfortable with,and it's
    > pretty easy,only runs about $20-$25 (whereas your vet will
    > charge you $50) and they have a 99.9 percent accuracy going
    > for them.I have never had them turn out wrong,as opposed to
    > alot of "discount" places you can find on the net.

    Thank you Robin P!