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Re: Can anyone suggest...

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/29/05
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    Me too Missy with Avianbiotech. I only do the blood sample not
    wanting to pull feathers. ouchie :-(

    order the free kit and after you receive it snip a toe nail a bit
    short and put blood on the card provided. i do all the paperwork
    first then put blood on it. i use alcohol pad to clean clippers,
    nail to be cut and my hands first. let it dry 15 minutes before
    putting in tiny zip lock bag provided and send off with $19.50.
    I order extra kits in case i mess up by the way. Have cornstarch
    or kitchen flour handy to put on nail to stop bleeding. never use
    styptic products they burn and hurt. Have a treat handy and all
    will be forgiven. Avianbiotech will notify you by email in
    about 5 days and a certificate will come in postal mail.

    good luck,