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Re: Looking for a baby Quaker near South Bend, Indiana

Posted by Tara on 1/31/05
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    On 1/29/05, Angela Hersch wrote:
    > We are looking for a pair of hand-fed, sexed, baby
    > Quakers. We live near South Bend, Indiana, and are
    > willing to drive a ways, but not to Florida!
    > Please contact us if you know of any reputable breeders in
    > northern Indiana, or the southern Chicago area.
    > Thanks!

    Angela, do you want to breed? I just bought a 5 week old baby
    from Michelle down in Cloverdale. She has 2 female blues for
    sale. I live in North Liberty and she has said she will meet
    me just north of Indy. I am so ecited. E-mail me and I will
    send you her phone number.