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Re: Wanted: Green Quaker baby in Virginia

Posted by Leslie on 2/01/05
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    > Birds on a mainly pelleted diet develop chronic kidney/renal
    > problems. Seed, pellets, millet spray and fresh foods for a
    > balanced diet makes a healthy happy bird. I hand feed from 10
    > days old or younger and abundance wean them to many many
    > foods. I also feed kaytee exact formula at night forever to
    > my almost 2 year old and my daughters 5 year old. I have
    > breeders in the aviary that will take formula from a syringe.
    > I buy a variety of seed mixes and pellets for total
    > differences just as I as an adult eat different things daily.
    > Hope this gives you some insight.
    > wishing you well,
    > lc

    I appreciate the information, and I do plan on supplementing
    the diet, but in my experience it is much easier to get a bird
    weaned onto a pelleted diet to eat seed than vice versa. Most
    of my birds (all weaned on to seed - only diets, sadly) won't
    touch a pellet, and would rather starve.