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Re: Terra found a baby quaker. in Ohio..

Posted by Andie on 1/31/05
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    On 1/31/05, Ashley and elmo wrote:
    > Awww what a cute baby. Oh, well i should have warned her
    > about what she's getting into, too late now the baby's
    > already got her wraped around it's claw! When you get a
    > baby form mkay you really don't know what to expect, one day
    > he's a cute little innocent bird the next he's getting
    > speeding tickets! Lol

    They're both adorable! I wish we could have quaker babies. I
    think the "pair" that was given to us is 2 females though =/.
    After we finish the aviary maybe =). They're definately cutie
    pies though.