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Re: Mkay beat me to it! LOL

Posted by Ashley and elmo on 1/31/05
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    Have you picked a name for your new baby yet? Well speaking
    from my own experience, well here's the story about elmo. I
    got him from marykay when he was just weaned at 10 weeks old
    and now this wednesday he'll be 9 months old, they grow up so
    fast. When he first came here at 10 weeks old he was already
    saying hello and crying like a baby and barking. So be
    prepared, now mkay claims to be selling birds but i'm not
    sure elmo is a bird, he seems more like a cat to me, he meows
    and recentley he has started purring all the time (sounds
    just like a cat too). Or maybe he's part bird, dog, cat,
    monkey and duck, he also barks and quacks like a duck. Not
    to mention he laughs (like a person) but he has many laughs,
    he likes to laugh different ways, it's so funny! Peekaboo is
    his favorite thing to say, he learned it Very quick. He also
    sometimes (at appropiate times) says yeah, no and love you.
    Right now i've been working on (and he's praticing it)
    teaching him to say what's up, it also sounds like he's
    trying here kitty kitty kitty also. About the speeding
    tickets, you really have to keep an eye on elmo, he has an
    obsession with breaking the law, lol. Be ready though
    because mkay likes to take alot of pictures of the baby
    quakers which turned elmo into a camera hog, he loves taking
    pictures and poses for the camera, now he's even rubbed off
    on one of my cats, now she has try to be in pictures too!
    Elmo is good at taking things apart also, it's hard to keep
    toys in his cage because he takes them all off the quick
    links! He can also take trash bag ties off his travel cage
    doors, he's turning into an escape artist. But congrats on
    your new baby, i know how excited you are, wednesday will be
    here soon enough! Hope i prepared you a little bit for your
    new baby!

    On 1/31/05, Terra wrote:
    > Guess I'm a day late to post a pic of my new baby! (not
    > to pc smart myself and new to chatboards)Thank you
    > Mkay!!!! Yes, its got me wrapped around its claw!! Mkay
    > didn't warn me about speeding tickets though! But I bet I
    > can handle it. I have 6 kids, 4 granchildren, which 2 of
    > them are older than my youngest. This grandma still climbs
    > trees like the best of them. LOL
    > I get to see the baby 1st hand Wednesday and learn about
    > feeding while we're getting use to each other before baby
    > comes home with me. Really looking forward to it!!
    > In the meantime, I'm here to pick everyone's brain. What
    > do you think the most important things I should know about
    > taking this little sweetie into my home? And what all
    > should I have at my finger tips to properly care for this
    > baby? I have a large cage in mind when the baby is ready
    > for it, but have read they need something smaller to
    > finish the weaning stages first. What would you suggest?
    > Thanks for all the comments on my new Baby!
    > Terra (grinning BIG)