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Re: Mkay beat me to it! LOL

Posted by Ashley and elmo on 1/31/05
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    Now to answer some of your questions (didn't want to make the
    last reply any longer). Well since your going to be visting
    the baby some before you bring him or her home, it should
    make the transit a little easier, since the baby will already
    be familiar with you. A breeder could probably answer the
    weaning cage question better than i could, but i believe a
    wider cage is better than a taller cage and when you put
    perches in there, keep them low closer to the bottom of the
    cage in case the baby falls off the perch, you may also want
    to do the same thing when you move the baby to the big cage,
    until he or she can balance better. I used to have cages i
    believe would work very well for weaning, they were like 24
    inches wide by 16 inches tall, alot of people used them for
    weaning cages or breeding cages, you can always find them on
    ebay for probably $30 with shipping included. You'll want to
    have a camera ready to take lots of pictures of the baby and
    while he or she is growing up. Of course you'll want to buy
    lots of toys and foot toys (although elmo doesn't like to
    play with his foot toys anymore, he just likes to throw them
    off his cage). A playgym or a playstand is something good to
    have, it's nice to have a portable stand to take from room to
    room, you can make your own with pvc pipes or you can buy one
    off ebay, i got one off ebay i think they are like $20 or $25
    with shipping. Umm that's all i can think of right now, but
    if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

    > In the meantime, I'm here to pick everyone's brain. What
    > do you think the most important things I should know about
    > taking this little sweetie into my home? And what all
    > should I have at my finger tips to properly care for this
    > baby? I have a large cage in mind when the baby is ready
    > for it, but have read they need something smaller to
    > finish the weaning stages first. What would you suggest?
    > Thanks for all the comments on my new Baby!
    > Terra (grinning BIG)