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Re: Mkay beat me to it! LOL

Posted by Terra on 1/31/05
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    On 1/31/05, Ashley and elmo wrote:
    > Now to answer some of your questions.... but i believe a
    > wider cage is better than a taller cage and when you put
    > perches in there, keep them low closer to the bottom of the
    > cage in case the baby falls off the perch,.....
    (snip, snip)

    I loved reading about all that Elmo says and does, my children
    laughed too. Thank you on the advise. Had my eye on a
    beautiful tall cage, with play ground on top, but after
    reading more, and having lots of little ones around, I have
    decided to put that out of mind and start looking for a wide
    one that can set down lower, so he/she does not tower over the
    children. And you have convinced me to have a portable
    playground, too. MKay has sent me several pics and we're
    studying them trying to come up with a name. But with eight of
    us, we have not found one we all agree upon. LOL Maybe after
    we meet with the little cutie!