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Re: Mkay beat me to it! LOL

Posted by Ashley and elmo on 2/01/05
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    I'm glad you decided on a portable play perch, i'm sure your
    baby will love being able to hang out with you all around the
    house. With cages, the bigger the better but you also want to
    think about how much time the bird will spend in it's cage each
    day, if he or she will be in the cage alot then you would want a
    bigger cage, than if the bird spends most of it's time out of
    the cage. Elmo basically only goes in his cage when it's time
    for bed or when i go somewhere. Good luck with picking a name
    for the baby, once you see him or her something will probably
    come to you! I just love baby pictures, here's one of the first
    pictures mkay sent me of elmo when he was just a little baby!

    On 1/31/05, Terra wrote:
    > On 1/31/05, Ashley and elmo wrote:
    >> Now to answer some of your questions.... but i believe a
    >> wider cage is better than a taller cage and when you put
    >> perches in there, keep them low closer to the bottom of the
    >> cage in case the baby falls off the perch,.....
    > (snip, snip)
    > I loved reading about all that Elmo says and does, my children
    > laughed too. Thank you on the advise. Had my eye on a
    > beautiful tall cage, with play ground on top, but after
    > reading more, and having lots of little ones around, I have
    > decided to put that out of mind and start looking for a wide
    > one that can set down lower, so he/she does not tower over the
    > children. And you have convinced me to have a portable
    > playground, too. MKay has sent me several pics and we're
    > studying them trying to come up with a name. But with eight of
    > us, we have not found one we all agree upon. LOL Maybe after
    > we meet with the little cutie!
    > Terra