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Re: Ashley - cages-playground

Posted by Terra on 2/01/05
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    On 2/01/05, Ashley and elmo wrote:
    > I'm glad you decided on a portable play perch, i'm sure your
    > baby will love being able to hang out with you all around the
    > house. With cages, the bigger the better but you also want to
    > think about how much time the bird will spend in it's cage each
    > day, if he or she will be in the cage alot then you would want a
    > bigger cage,
    (snip, snip)

    What a cute baby pic of Elmo! Thanks for sharing that, I enjoyed
    it. We have looked at all kinds of cages. Think we are going to
    make our own. Hubby is good at that kind of thing and we have
    powder coating company near us. We plan on it being much part of
    our family, so it will be out of the cage mostly except for
    winter, because of the woodburner, which we use atleast 3 x's a
    week. So we need a cage that can expand quite a lot. Then upon
    reading that they like to sleep/nest build up high, we could build
    a 10" high (16 x 16) tower on top of one side and just keep a
    cover over that part at all times, so the little cutie could not
    see he/she towers over my other children while being in there and
    could have his/her own privacy when felt needed. Off to the draft
    board I go..I need a cage, playground...etc.......hmmm..

    If anyone should see something I am overlooking, please let me