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Re: ? on Plants

Posted by AEREE AND VANIL on 1/19/06
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    On 1/31/05, Terra wrote:
    > I have a list of poisonous and safe plants and have a few
    > questions. Aloe vera is on both. I don't get it. And these
    > three are not on there at all. Banana tree, Orange tree
    > and the spider plant. Does anyone know where these fall?
    > Thank you,
    > Terra

    Sorry but we really don't know how to reply your question
    but in the contrary, we had a question to ask you and we
    really hope that you could help us! =]]
    We saw a dead leaf near our home. And the leaf was really
    special and strange! It is an oval-liked leaf but the ends
    are pointed but the STRANGE thing is that there are grey,
    blue pop-up dots on the leaf! MANY!!! they're like acnes but
    grey, blue in colour!! And later on we found a tree with
    these leaves. Would u pls tell us what kind of plant is
    that? Or can u help us to research? COZ it involve A LOT OF
    PROBLEMS and not just only about the leaf.
    Thanks for helping.