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Re: ? on Plants

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/19/06
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    On 1/19/06, AEREE AND VANIL wrote:
    > On 1/31/05, Terra wrote:
    >> I have a list of poisonous and safe plants and have a few
    >> questions. Aloe vera is on both. I don't get it. And these
    >> three are not on there at all. Banana tree, Orange tree
    >> and the spider plant. Does anyone know where these fall?
    >> Thank you,
    >> Terra
    > Sorry but we really don't know how to reply your question
    > but in the contrary, we had a question to ask you and we
    > really hope that you could help us! =]]
    > We saw a dead leaf near our home. And the leaf was really
    > special and strange! It is an oval-liked leaf but the ends
    > are pointed but the STRANGE thing is that there are grey,
    > blue pop-up dots on the leaf! MANY!!! they're like acnes but
    > grey, blue in colour!! And later on we found a tree with
    > these leaves. Would u pls tell us what kind of plant is
    > that? Or can u help us to research? COZ it involve A LOT OF
    > PROBLEMS and not just only about the leaf.
    > Thanks for helping.


    The outer skin of the aloe plant is toxic to birds but the
    inside is where aloe juice comes from and it is safe to put on
    burns and insect bites. I wouldn't have the plant where birds
    could get to it.

    As for this strange leaf I would personally take it to my
    local OU extension but not everyone has those. An
    agricultural dept is usually very happy to help identify
    plants and trees.