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Re: What's your Quakers favorite food

Posted by Robin P. on 2/05/05
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    LindaC you have my sympathies there,I had an English Budgie that had
    the same problem,I found trimming the feathers away from the vent and
    applying triple antibiotic ointment around the vent did the trick with
    her (vet never could figure out why either) it healed up on it's own.

    As far as toys,my Q's always liked puzzle toys and things they could
    move and re-arrange.They're not chewers like other parrots,and they're
    too smart for their own good as well. (Anyone see that one on "Planet's
    Funniest Animals that undid the padlock on his cage?)
    Corn on the cob is usually a favorite,anything bright and colorful,I
    had one that loved sliced cooked carrots.