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Re: PIcking up our Baby next weekend

Posted by Andie on 2/04/05
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    On 2/04/05, Tara wrote:
    > Hello everyone- Sorry I have not been in touch, but I have
    > been spending all my computer time buying STUFF!! Cages ,
    > carriers, food, and of course TOYS,TOYS,TOYS . We are
    > going to drive down just north of Indy next Sat morning to
    > pick up the LGC. Talk about excited, I can hardly stand
    > it. I have been reading all the threads, and I am getting
    > so much good, helpful information. I had no idea that when
    > I started searching , it would all happen so quickly. From
    > beginning to home in 16 days!! And all because of this chat
    > forum. I think we have decided on a name, PeeWee. I will
    > post pics after we get home next week.
    > Talk to ya'll soon, Tara

    Good Luck!