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Re: Help-my parakeet escaped

Posted by missy on 2/05/05
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    On 2/05/05, Kimber J. Nicoletti wrote:
    > I don't know what type of parakeet I have. It is all
    > yellow. I took the cage outside today to clean it and
    > thought the bird might enjoy a bit of sunshine. I live in
    > Indiana and the weather is very nice today. Well, when I
    > tipped the cage to get the feeders out-the bird escaped
    > and flew into a nearby tree. Any ideas or thoughts?
    > Thanks for your help!

    Leave the cage out and put out signs for missing bird with
    pics if possible. Does he/she have a band? Contact your
    local animal shelters/humane society and tell them about your
    loss. Good luck and I hope you find your bird!