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Re: vet visit/thanks Terra ..

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/06/05
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    Lilo is a sweetheart. She will be 2 in May and says yummy,
    take a bath, peek a boo, bye bye, hi baby among other things.
    She is a tiny one at 89 grams. Her parents only have tiny
    ones. When we go to a new vet the first time i always have to
    tell them this so they don't think she is undernourished. lol

    photo is Lilo 'in' her favorite little blankie. her other
    favorite toy is a simple strand of safe leather with a knot in
    it. Quakers like to get into things so she has a coffee can
    happy hut. I don't like the unsafe ones with fleece inside
    that look like a tent, they get talons caught. my lovie lost 3
    toes in one.