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Re: coffee can happy hut photo

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/06/05
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    On 2/06/05, nina wrote:
    > Just a couple days ago i tried making a can happy hut and it did not
    > work. Either the sweat pants were too lil, too tight or too big. I
    > messed up 3 pairs trying to get the right size. What was i doing wrong?

    when I first cut them I leave them extra long. most often the ankle part
    has to be cut so it isn't too tight so you have to work that part out.
    After you see it will fit on that end you can cut the other end. When
    it's together there won't be any metal showing. One end gets tucked
    under the other.

    I pick up sweatpants at yard sales for .10 and .25 just for this.