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Re: bath temp is warmish.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 2/07/05
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    This time of year anyway. I don't ever do really cold water.

    As time goes by you can put a couple drops of aloe vera juice in the bath
    water to help with dander and comfort.

    I try to cut the sweats so I can use the upper part for sleeping in our very
    hot summer.

    Were you cautioned about not cooking with non stick products? It's 'all'
    called 'the silent killer' if that gives you an idea of how dangerous it is.
    Only using cast iron and stainless here. Some say it is dangerous if
    overheated but others have said they only cooked an egg or even a tv dinner
    in microwave and birds died.

    no scented candles, plug in or anything like that. I fill a large crock pot
    with water and add cinnamon and apple cores for a great home fragrance.
    Always makes me think I should have made cinnamon bread... oh and bread
    makers all have non stick pans soooooo when I do make bread the machine goes
    way on the other side of the house away from birds and 3 doors closed
    inbetween. This is an enclosed porch so it's almost outside. lol

    I don't think age of your baby has been posted??