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Re: carpets

Posted by MKay on 2/07/05
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    On 2/07/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > not sure if you mean to do carpets yourself or have them done professionaly.
    > I have had mine done the cleaner used something odorless but I still put birds
    > far away and before bringing them back in opened windows for ventilation. fans
    > running can help also.

    Just in case you didn't know, Fabreeze is advertised as safe for pets. It's NOT
    Safe! Fabreeze has been linked to many parrot deaths; just didn't want you to go
    buy that for your carpets.

    From your e-mail, I see you are doing wonderfully with the baby; so everyone else
    knows; Terra and her family are special folks. They've worked with a rescue and
    release operation, feeding squirrels, raccoons, etc from wee, tiny little babies.
    She may not have ever fed a parrot before, but it was natural and I had absolutely
    no reservations about letting a baby go with her. They are going to coddle that
    little one!