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Re: carpets

Posted by Terra on 2/08/05
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    > On 2/07/05, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >> not sure if you mean to do carpets yourself or have them done professionaly.
    > (snip, snip>>

    With 6 to 10 children in my house daily, I do the carpets myself, as it is done
    about every 3 months. I do not use Fabreeze, makes me sneeze. LOL
    > On 2/07/05, MKay wrote:
    From your e-mail, I see you are doing wonderfully with the baby; so everyone else
    > knows; Terra and her family are special folks. They've worked with a rescue and
    > release operation, feeding squirrels, raccoons, etc from wee, tiny little babies.
    They are going to coddle that little one!>(snip, snip)

    And coddle we are!!! And we can imprint this one all we want!! That was the hardest
    part with the wild babies, caring and nurturing them, but at the same time keeping
    distant so they could go back into nature as soon as they could find and eat their
    natural foods and discharge it on their own. It tugged at our hearts, but knew it
    was for their own good.

    Whoo Whoo, Baby and I co-operated 100% with breakfast this morning. She took it in
    wonderfully and I did not spill one drop on her!! We're so proud of ourselves!! It
    was cute. I got up this morning and made breakfast for my family, talking to the
    little cutie the whole time without much re-action. But when I finished I asked her
    if she was ready for her Yum, Yums, and she did a Happy Dance while chattering. I
    took that as a definite YES! : )