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Re: carpets

Posted by MKay on 2/08/05
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    Terra, you're doing great! I thought I might catch some static about letting her(?)
    go unweaned, but you know what you're doing, and have even more experience with
    feeding babies (of other types) than me! Like you said; you had to stimulate the
    digestive systems of the others to get them to defacate; birds can do that just fine
    on their own, as we all know! You've dealt with aspiration precautions, temperature
    needs, and the whole package already. And I could easily see the love you have to give
    the little baby! Your kids (well..two of them heh heh) without a doubt share your
    love for the animals, and I look forward to hearing stories that you will hopefully
    share with us as that baby grows.

    Let us know what you name her! And tell me when she starts to flap those little
    wings! I'll be happy to come and trim her when she's ready ;)