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Post: Young quaker preferences

Posted by MKay on 2/06/05

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    Terra just left with her new baby. She's doing just fine
    with handfeeding, and is just wonderful with the baby.
    It's fully feathered, very sweet, and comfy in her hands.

    While she was here, we were discussing cage setups, and
    she's wondering if she should put a box, or shelf, or
    something to utilize as a "getaway" if desired. She was
    planning to put in a nestbox, but I didn't think that
    would be the best plan, as it may encourage nesting

    What are your ideas, and what has worked for you? I've
    seen one quaker with an apartment of sorts built in; it
    had a shelf at the top with a little bed or snuggle-hut in
    it. She's going to be building a cage; they have a
    smaller one to use for the baby for now, and she'd like to
    know other ideas. We've had lots of babies here to
    handfeed and send off to new homes, but we only have our
    two adult quakers, who never had a box or "getaway" until
    we recently put the nestbox up; for breeding purposes.

    Thanks, all!

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