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Post: Letter from my baby Kimmy

Posted by Terra on 2/10/05

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    Hi Everybody!
    Get comfy and grab your favorite beverage, this is a long

    My new Mommy just wanted me to send you a couple pics so
    you could see I am doing well. You wouldn't believe all
    the little people that come here! But don't worry, mommy
    watches all of us very carefully and she doesn't let the
    reeeal little ones touch me unless I'm safely in her
    hands. She also changed my cage to a glass one, (10 gal
    aquarium) cuz there were too many little fingers coming in
    the other one and that scared me. In this home I can watch
    all of them and they can watch me. I feel safe now and put
    shows on for them. They sure giggle a lot! When it's just
    me and my family I have lots of free time in between my

    She sincerely hopes no one is giving you a hard time
    about letting me come here before being weaned. She checks
    my crop before and after every feeding and writes stuff
    down. I think she even counts my droppings. Silly mommy.
    I got some broccoli and pasta, raw and steamed. I think
    she wanted me to eat it, but I had more fun playing with
    them instead. Ate a little bit of it, but must not have
    been much cuz she didn't write anything that time.
    Neither of us are scared about my eating habits, I think
    she is more concerned about what's in our big house and
    what everything is made of. She gave a lot of her cleaners
    away and is making new ones from items in our frig and
    cupboards. There are some things that she really loves,
    but knows its not safe for me. She is packing them away
    knowing they can still be used, but with pre-cautions. She
    doesn't want somebody that's not aware of my needs, just
    to bring it out and use it freely, like if me and the
    little ones have a baby sitter over. She said she's
    doesn't mind at all if she has to hide a pan and a few
    more items in her bedroom. She really loves me a lot, they
    all do and want me around for a loooooong time!!!!!! We're
    having so much fun together.

    Mommy showed Benjamin and Chaela how to make me some
    rings to play with from a paper towel roll and I managed
    to get one around my neck. Mommy immediately took them out
    of my safe home and made another snip in them and happily
    gave them back to me. Now I can put them on and take them
    off all by myself. And when Benjamin and Chaela are home,
    they make a chain out of them and I take them apart. We're
    all learning new things about each other daily. They are
    just as curious about me as I am about them.

    Okeyshia can feed me now too. And so can Ben, but I eat
    out of a spoon for him, and then mommy fills me up cuz
    Benjamin can't seem to hold still long enough for me to
    finish. Chaela loves handing me a piece of curly pasta and
    everytime I drop it, she picks it up and gives it back.
    She is so happy she is able to help me out. And I love
    all the attention. I think they could play with me all
    day, but mommy knows when I'm tuckered and puts me back in
    my safe home and carries my home to her bedroom so I can
    get all rested. And I sprawl all out to sleep. I'm safe
    and content. : )

    I think I'm going to have the opportunity to try a bath
    this afternoon. Mommy is going to use a glass pie pan,
    warm water, with a small thin rubber mat in the middle.
    She is going to play in it first to check it out for me. I
    hope I like it because I have some dried food in my
    feathers under my beak. Mommy has tried to clean it off
    with a warm, wet wash cloth, but she doesn't push very
    hard and she has no fingernails to scratch it off. If that
    doesn't work we're going to need some other suggestions.

    Mommy is very creative and works with wood, clay and
    paints, etc. She has a whole cookie sheet of items to be
    cured (cooked in oven), but since the clay has plasticizer
    in it, she is going to wait till next month to cure them.
    As the barn will then have electricity and she has an oven
    in there too. She doesn't want to take any chances with me
    in the house. So she just covered her creations and told
    all of us kids to stay out of the studio. Here is a URL
    to some of her creations.

    She also loves to play on the pottery wheel, but says she
    has a lot to learn about the firing paints before she puts
    them up on the web for everyone to see. So she is a stay
    at home/work mom. And daddy has 3 different blueprints of
    big bird cages for me that he took to work this morning.
    He's calling suppliers to see who can give him the best
    quote for the supplies. Mommy told him to hurry up, cuz
    she thinks I'm growing fast!

    They also bought me a ladder. I'll go up to the 3rd step
    so far, getting lots better with my feet. And I love
    flapping my wings now that I have more room to move, but
    no lift yet.

    Mommy said she would let everyone know just as soon as I
    can take flight. Then we're going to let Mary give me a
    feather cut, cuz Mommy does not know how to do this. She
    has read about it, but would also like to see it be done
    before she tries it, and even then she wants to be tucked
    under Mary's wing and supervised while doing it before she
    does it all by herself. She has taken care of 100's of
    baby creatures, but knows that all Universal creations
    have special needs to be met, so we can grow and learn to
    our fullest potential in all kinds of habitats. Can you
    give her a clue as to when this might be expected, me
    taking flight, as I would love to know too! :^)

    Well, it's my lunch time now, getting ready to do my
    Happy Dance again.


    Oh Yea, my name is Kimmy!!!!! Everybody can say it here,
    except for one little one, he still calls me Uh. LOL

    Thank you for finding me such a Wonderful Family!! They
    love me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Kimmy

    P. S. Sorry the pics are dark, we'll try to send better
    ones later, maybe even a bath one!

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